The perfect solid state device for cooling

Perfect solid state devices for cooling electrical panels and enclosures using only electricity, with low space requirement, with no sound emission.

The Peltier Principle

Thermoelectric units are simply small static heat pump that base their functioning on "Peltier Effect" (or Peltier Principle, see also Thermoelectric Effect). They cool by using only electricity, with no motion or moving components (fans excepted).

Application and usage

Thermoelectric units are used inside electrical enclosures to cool and dehumidify air. Furthermore they are used to keep indoor and outdoor environment separate. This units are mounted on the wall of electric panel, in a semi-recessed position.

Thermoelectric units range

In addition to the line of DC thermocouples, we also offer an stainless steel AC version with integrated power supply in the cover, which remains outside the panel, avoiding additional internal heat production.

thermo electric units alternate current
thermo electric units direct current
thermo electric units alternate current

Silent operation

No compressor or moving parts, except the fan.

thermo electric units direct current

Ideal for small spaces

Thermoelectric units are an efficient and efficient solution for the conditioning of small electrical cabinets.

thermo electric units alternate current

No maintenance

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They do not require use of gas (CFC) and work with electricity, so they are eco-friendly.


In AC stainless steel version, thermoelectric units are corrosion resistant.


Due to their versatility, it is possible to request solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of use.

Thermoelectric cooling units and Peltier cells

Where are they used? For example in cranes / hoists control panels, machine tools, steel mills, beverage chillers, electrical cabinets for batteries. Thermoelectric units can be connected with thermostats and / or hygrostats. So they only activate when it is really needed.